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Important book for developing sense of self and path to better playing of pool

The author clearly defines areas of one’s inner workings of the body and mind such that the readers’ will is brought to the surface for playing the game. Results should be in positive, ever improving the path to success. Adherence to the fundamentals of pool, coupled with fundamentals of learning may materialize into better pool, but the development of self-awareness and awareness of the state of mind and effect on others serves well to place you into a more valuable position to achieve higher results both on and off the table.

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Lucky the Bear

This book teaches the essence of how to win. To call this just a book on pool, would not give it it’s due, thx I learned much.

Lucky the Bear

Great Book!

This is the best pool books I’ve read so far (and I’ve read quite a few). Have learned so much from it. Thank you, Paul, and please, keep up your good work.
Damien Luu

Pound for Pound One of The Best Pool Books Ever!

This book gets 10 stars in my eyes! Pound for pound one of the best pool books ever written. Paul Rodney Turner fulfills the promise on the cover of “Secrets to Becoming a Champion in Billiards and in Life.” It’s a very well written book. It’s packed with great and clear info on aiming and fundamentals. It will actually inspire you to be be great at everything you do. I could go on and on here… take it from this pro pool player, buy and read this book and your game will improve fast. Don’t buy it and your opponents will be happy. The choice is yours. Thanks for writing this Paul! Max

Max Eberle

Great book for any pool player

Great book with a very different approach than any pool book I’ve read. A lot of time explaining the mental aspects of the game. Definitely recommend!

Andrea R

More than I expected – Amazing

When I first got this book, i was keen to read it and yet I had no idea how much more this book would help me on a personal level. The lessons are easy to understand and apply, but what has impressed me so much is how the author has been able to take something as seemingly mundane as pool and masterfully use that context to teach principles and techniques to improve my character. The book reminds me of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, only Turner does not waffle on with story after story. The book is only about 85 pages so the points are made with the least amount of strain on the eyeballs or brain. I am going to get this for all my friends who play pool.



I loved it, the inner game is a big part of billiards and it went through easy ways to get you prepared physically, mechanically and mentally.

Heather Thomas

Great Book!

Good book would like to see more books like this one. Helped me a lot with practice shot and aming


THIS book was better than those books I spent $40

Read 2 books by the monk TIM miller came to win,-point the way. This book was better than those books I spent $40.00 for. THIS book had all that information and a more good book for the price.

Todd Potts

Great Book

I recommend the book for serious pool players – helps to get your mind in the game. Enjoyable reading as well.

Cue Chief

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